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DIY Fashion Stylist Studio – Cut The Costs!

Huge apologies for the delay in getting posts out to you guys!

I’ve been very busy and have some great videos/posts that will be with you soon!

I’ve been super busy with clients and…. yes! Creating my own studio in my flat!
I thought it would be a great idea to share it with you guys in hopes that I can inspire someone else to cut some major costs and bills by creating the perfect working environment at home!










This was literally a lightbulb idea! working as a freelance I tend to slip into moments where i need inspiration and a space dedicated to my work. As i type I’m sitting on my sofa in my front room and need to know the healthy times to clock in and out of workmode!

I knew I wanted to go minimalistic, but I am a fan of earthy colours! So after deliberation, I went with ‘Black Pepper’ paint from B&Q.

The flooring….

My Measurements were completely wrong… & I needed twice the amount of boxes I initially bought. *covers face* I must admit,  these self adhesive floor tiles I put down were tough work! But 11 floor tiles at £6.99 each (from B&Q)… it was  worth it!!

After a day and a half of cutting and peeling and running to the store for another pack… I was done!


God bless Ikea! I am a renowned bargain hunter! and everything you see heroes from ikea… but at the fraction of the price!

Want to know my secret?….. The Bargain Corner!!!

Before you head to the aisles and the showrooms, take your penny saving butt down to the bargain cornet to find brand new-ex display goodies waiting for you to grab at the fraction of full price!…

Let me give you a taster…

Both wardrobe units: TOTAL £89

Rug: TOTAL £20

Floor Lamp: TOTAL £27

…. you get the idea…

So right now I am getting more storage to organise; A filming area, clothing area, designer call-ins area, computer area and a jewellery and accessories area! Thanks God for my ex job at H&M…. I was able to get a lot of free display goodies to dress this place up!!

I can’t wait to update you guys on the finishing look!


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