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#BTS Glorylox Campaign Shoot!

Although I had a gruelling 8:30am calling call, yesterday I had an amazing campaign photo shoot with a high-end hair company called Glorylox.

The location… Was agh-maaaazing!!

I worked with three models, who represented three of Glorylox’s different customer profiles!

What I love about Glorylox is that they specifically offer customised high end hair/wigs to clients in need. I.e. Those with hair loss symptoms from Cancer, alopecia etc. As well as those who just want great quality hair!

I love working with clients who care and have amazing quality products. If I’m honest, I always try to work with clients who have products I’m excited about. I just feel more invested!!
Can’t wait to show you guys the final images!!

So happy about my amazing ‘thank you’ Gift!! I have the best clients!!

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