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What To Do When Your Clients Clothes Don’t Turn Up…!

Yea… You read it right!

When your clients clothes don’t show up!

So, let’s talk about this rare but ‘very real’ casualty in a fashion stylists world. You plan everything out… You organise looks and order them and the brand pulls a no-show!

This has happened to me before and it may just happen to you! I’ve had a crazy few days with chasing a package that turned up not one… But three days late! Even when I tried to fix the situation by reordering for next day delivery… They done it again… *pinches the bridge of my nose*.

Let it be known, that no matter how well established you are or what brands you work with – no stylist has FULL CONTROL! Heck I’ve spoken to big Celeb stylists who are let down by brands, PR’s , Couriers… The lot. 

You may have to spend sleepless nights covering your tracks and sweating buckets frantically looking for pieces to help meet your clients needs. But from the emotionally and gruelling week I just had… I have come up with five pointers which I think may help if this issue comes up!


I’m a big advocate for planning… So don’t put contacting brands or ordering pieces till the last-minute. Order days before or call in clothes as soon as possible! This allows you to keep calm, stay professional, have enough time fix mistakes and most importantly organise your time more effectively. But let’s be real! Not all clients give you enough time! So find out a system that works for you! Get help if you need it!

Take a breather

I’ve seen some stylists completely lose it. Make rash decisions without thinking it through… Calling in 12x the amount needed or spending too much money. Just take a moment… Assess the situation and allow yourself to come up with the best solution.

I always give someone a call – my best friend, my mum or my stylist mates just to get another P.O.V. and to help calm me down and support me!


So apart from doing the necessary of contacting brands and letting them know the urgency and asking them to shift things about. If it’s really bad, communicate with your client. This is my ‘worst case scenario’ as I find if you can’t somehow pull a miracle out of your tight behind then you’re looking VERY unprofessional! Let them know the ‘need to know’ but reassure them that everything will be fine!

Bring out the money *ka-ching*

Whether it’s a credit card or you have financial support! Buy!!! Yes… Buy the clothes that will fit your clients needs and return them. This has saved my butt in so many occasions, but I’ve also found that often buying pieces has suited better as some PR’s are not willing to loan why you need (especially for commercial based jobs).

Also have ‘rainy-day’ money to cover any emergency courier/next day delivery costs, because I’ve had to do my fair share of those!

Stay confident 

No matter what… Remember they booked YOU!

Stay confident in knowing you are perfect for the job and although things may not have gone as you have planned! Do you… Do your magic.

You can make a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans look exceptional!! Pull that miracle out of your…. Ok I’m going to stop with that analogy but you get my point!

I have a ‘stylist kit‘ which is wardrobe with jewellery, accessories, clothes that I use for shoots (sometimes personally). But this has died me so many times!

Ask yourself – Have you ever walked past a necklace and said wow… That would be amazing for a shoot? My advise? – invest! It will come in handy one day! Trust me!

So let’s just say…. Things worked out on the end! The clients happiness came first as always and that’s what really mattered!

I hope this was helpful! xxxo

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