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You know that bubbly feeling you get in your stomach, when the Postman knocks on your door and hands over a present – I mean package. Well, it sure feels like a present! I must say, one of the best side effects of being a Fashion stylist is constantly being surrounded by clothes, shoes, jewellery and accessories. Picking out what you love… but then I hate having to take it back!

But when you come across a brand you love… those saviour brands who help you bulk up your ‘stylist kit’ with amazing pieces so you can use it for future shoots – well. It feels like my birthday *release the confetti*


Museme is a trendy new brand selling the necessary shade throwers! We have seen all sorts of headlining Celebrities in iconic looks with the ultimate and what i call understated wardrobe staple ‘the sunglasses’.

what I love about this brand is that they offer such classic statement pieces, they will never go out of style #TaylorSwift So I will be styling these up throughout the year for sure!


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Use My Discount Code: ERICAFM





BRIONY “Rose Gold”

from 14.99


BRIONY “Black on Black”

from 14.99

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Twitter & Instagram: @musemeonline

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