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Need A Fashion Mentor? #MENTORINGMONDAYS


Are you considering starting a new career as a fashion stylist and want to take the next step?

I am offering Mentoring slots to Aspiring Fashion Stylists
Every Monday!
Get tailored guidance on how to become a successful fashion stylist, how to build a brand and how to reach your goals!… and much more!

What are the Benefits?
The main objective is for the Mentee to gain new personal skills, experiences and knowledge that will lead to new insights, a greater vision, and new attitudes and behaviour.
This, in turn, leads to better personal and business performance.

What is the Mentor not?

It is not the place of the mentor to dictate everything the Mentee should do. The relationship is complimentary and the aim is for the Mentee to learn to take control!
It is imperative that the Mentee decides what personal goals and actions that they want to implement, based on the guidance and useful information given from the Mentor.

A Mentor is not: Your Parent, The Fixer,

Agony Aunt, Disciplinarian, A God

The aim is to make you independent, stronger, better at decision making, business focused and confident in your one path!


How To Book?
1. If you haven’t already filled out the ‘sign up’ form, go straight to “2”.
2. Purchase a session here in the shop and complete the registration form (that is sent to you).
3. Confirm date & time slot for the session.
4. Wait for confirmation email


Video Credits:

Music by:
Milky Way – Croft

I am wearing:
Missguided Top: https://www.missguided.co.uk/peace-love-tie-front-shirt-bodysuit-nude
Zara Choker: http://www.zara.com/uk/en/woman/accessories/jewellery/pack-of-choker-necklaces-c499007p3648272.html
Lashes by Amby Rose: http://ambyrose.com/camaiiyah/
Hair provided by: @yourshair

Credits For Photoshoot Team:
Photography: *awaiting*
Client: Glorylox
Fashion Stylist: Erica Matthews
Hair: @dchappers
Make-up: @eleiseonline
Models: @oliviaarbenx, camilaxmorales, elena_edwards

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Website: www.ericamatthews.co.uk
Instagram: @ericafmstyle
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