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Khase Cosmetics £12 Haul & Review

wearing Khase Cosmetics ‘Naked’ Hickley london necklace

I was so happy to treat myself to some products from Khase cosmetics for christmas! I began following them on my blogger Instagram account @byericamatthews and fell in love with their natural lipstick shade Naked!

I am a die-hard lover of nude lip colours. I always used to wear a staple red lip, but as a busy girl I now love the versatility and ease of applying a gorgeous nude shade to my make-up look or even popping on some gloss if I want to go natural!

Music by Jhene Aiko

Necklace (in video) from Hickley London £10

Here is Naked…

Lip colour Naked £6.00

So when I popped open this lustre lipstick I was a little bit surprised! you know that jump out of the chair and grab your laptop to make sure you got the tight item type of surprised!!

I was expecting a soft brown colour but to the eye… I was seeing a pinky rouge. Do-not-panic!

What did i think?

As I glided it on the shade of pink was softer, in fact ‘naked’ to my lips! This lipstick is definitely shear. When applied it is almost like tinted lip gloss/vaseline. Surprisingly, the colour can easily be built up to get the colour pigment you like. I also had to sit and remind myself that all natural lips have a different colour! So when applying lipstick I have seen on somebody else, it’s going to look different!


Here is Mumba…




Now yo guys have to understand… again! I. Was. Surprised!

I did think it was going to be a deep chocolate colour!

What did i think?

Again as I glided it on to swatch the colour, the shade of pink was softer.

but the colour transformed when I applied it is to my lips (cheek video). I never really go for deep shades of pink so I can definitely see myself pairing this up with a brown lip liner

Jus like the naked Lustre lipstick, this cream lipstick can easily be built up to get the colour pigment you like.


swatches under direct light


Although I didn’t exactly get what I expected, the quality and versatility of these lipsticks were amazing.

I will be chasing up to see how I can achieve the colours they have on their website (click here) but I definitely have remembered the dangers of getting sheer lipsticks/glosses as they have the tendency to change.

Before wearing these colours again, I definitely will prep my lip with a matt nude lip liner. (refer to image of me above in ‘naked’ with a nude base).

Hope you enjoyed!

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