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I OBJECT! New Year! Same Me! …But Different Rules!

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Happy New Year

Year After Year… I hear things like “New Year… New ME..”.. But, as much as I pushed for growth I still wasn’t able to reach the goals that I had set out.

My most recent video on YouTube allowed me to really think hard about my 2017 resolutions by narrowing down the MISTAKES I am making.

I see that to create something new… I must set new rules! #NewYearNewRules….


..Think about it! Goals are essential “signposts” to places we want to be in our life… but to reach these goals we must be strict with ourselves and set some rules so that we can achieve them and stick to “the plan”.

We spend hours writing out all our plans but as yourself, what good are they if we procrastinate or don’t believe in ourselves? I for one have issues with procrastination and fear of failure, which inevitably results in me avoiding the situation altogether because I fear the worst.

So I am clearing the way today! Yes – I had to make some really tough decisions last year with friends, family and work. I strive to become a better person and find that even when you try to pull people on the journey, they honestly just don’t want to come. I have amazing Friends and family in my life that inspire me to do greater and that’s what I plan to be this year!

I fight to become a very much visible “invisible Middle” and I chose to distance myself from anything that plays up to negative stereotypes!

So whether it’s a loss of a boyfriend/situationship or loss of friends, it’s all part of growing up and I believe that anything lost means there is better to come. So believe that for yourself too!

New Year, New Rules. THAT is how you grow! For a seed to bud we don’t just tell it “so… I need you to be a flower”. NO, we set strict conditions for it to grow..

So I challenge you to do the same… Ask yourself what rules do you need to put in place to make this chapter of your life great!



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