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Babe.. Put Pen To Paper!!

As I sit on my sofa and gulp down the rest of my smoothie, I proudly brush my hand across the page of my new notebook!

What is it about putting pen to paper that I LOVE so badly!? Could it be the feeling of holding something in my hand which holds my hopes, my wishes, my plans and goals?

I have always been an old school kinda girl! Give me a book.. not a kindle. Give me a magazine DAMNIT so I can physically turn it’s glossy pages!! I am ever so techy – don’t get me wrong! But there is nothing like putting real pen to real paper!

I was so Happy when I got these three gorgeous little notebooks for Christmas and decided to put them to good use!

  1. Think less, do more – I use for my daily to-do lists. I do love checking off tasks which make me feel a lot more productive!!
  2. Write without fear, edit without mercy – fits nothing better than for my YouTube channel, it’s so hard to balance my life, work and filming some helpful videos for you guys frequently… but whenever I get a great idea? it goes right in there!
  3. Be silly, be honest, be kind – well.. that’s for my blog! The one space I think I share the most about myself… from the hottest coat.. to tips on how to deal with being single!

So.. in doing this blog post I am trying to share a ray of sunshine on a VERY dull and wet British morning!

I want to encourage you to start putting pen to paper! We are living in a time where motivation is literally just a click away, so do it with style! To be honest, that’s one of the reasons I opened my shop! To help motivate you guys!

Look… Wake up, take out that motivational cup or pad and get STUCK IN!!

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where to get these exact ones from, but here is MY SHOP

Also, here are some motivational stationary items I love! Happy Monday!!


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