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Foodie Review: Healthy Eaters, Vegetarians, Vegans & Gluten-free lovers. Meet Without Cafe!


They say you are what you eat.. well…*side eye* I hope not! I ate an entire ‘share bag’ of Malteasers this morning while doing emails. Dear Malteasers… why do you lie to us! How do you expect us to share such a delicious thing when this should be the REAL portion?!

I really told myself that I am going to get  grip on my eating habits this year as sometimes I can go a full day of working without eating!

Naturally, I done a YouTube video on Energy and I definitely believe this isn’t only inclusive to fashion stylists. Putting your health before work or anything is essential for good health and wellbeing.. Facts only! I admit *hangs head* I have fallen short already a few time this year. Two days ago I pulled a stylist shift from 2pm-10pm and nothing but cups of orange juice passed my gloss covered lips. What the HELL right?!

So as I left ITV studios yesterday morning *shameless plug*, I realised it was the perfect opportunity to try out the ‘BRAND NEW’ cafe perfectly tucked on the high street next to Clapham Junction Station called ‘Without Cafe’. A friend of mine named Dionne Smith partnered up with an incredible team and launched this amazing cafe. Supporting friends, family and entrepreneurs is VERY important to me. So I do it whenever I can.



I shuffled into this cosy cafe, with my stylist suitcase (of course) and took in the homely minimalistic surroundings.. Monochrome, my favourite!

It was busy, so while I waited my turn to order, I ran my eyes along the shelves stacked with mouth-watering goodies!

I was greeted with a warm smile and started my order with a ‘Vegan Hazelnut Hot Chocolate’ to shake this bitter cold British weather RIGHT off. After desperately eyeing up the cakes I decided to be “good” and chose to go with a main. I pointed at the ‘Sweet Potato lasagne’ it looked AMAZING! I think I fell in love with sweet potato about two Christmas’ ago when my eldest sister started cooking her annual ‘sweet potato pie’ *licks lips*.

Most of the cafe’s seating is on bar stools at side tables, but I was lucky enough to get a seat at the table warmly snuggled in the middle of the cafe. I picked up some convo with some lovely ladies that were inside, who were talking about their similar journey to mine into Vegan/Vegetarian lifestyles. I’m clearly no ‘health-nut’- whatever that is. But I am Pescatarian and sometimes allow myself a ‘meat Monday’ (Mondays to have meat), but I realised I spend most of my days eating a vegetarian diet anyways. This makes my weekly Sunday meal hell for my family, but I would like to think that they are used to it by now. They have their joint of lamb and I eat steamed salmon… *side eye* ..Bougie much?

So then, my food arrived…

First impressions


The warm smell of sweet potato, veg and gravy filled the air. IT SMELLED soooo good guys!! I love to cook and hardly pass up a ‘home-made’ meal! At first glance it reminded me of sitting around the table with my family, getting ready to tuck in. I strangely felt at home. It’s been a long time since I went out to eat and got some food that didn’t pretentiously look like it was on Master Chef. I HOPE nobody saw the cheesy smile that was on my face as I eagerly fished my knife and fork out of the napkin – lol!

The serving was large – good. Value for money is “goals” for 2017! It’s hard out here for us city girls you know!!


The Taste


The genius who cooked this, tucked sweet potato on the bottom of the lasagne, so as you cut it and put it on your tongue, it literally is the first thing you taste.. YUM!

My senses were right!

  • A rustic and well seasoned blend of spinach, sweet potato and veg made this dish a winner for me! If you never have the pleasure of enjoying home cooking or haven’t got the knack for doing it yourself.. I would recommend trying this great meat free lasagne.
  • Mushrooms were camouflaged into this dish to give it that meaty taste and texture so the ‘meat needers’ need not worry if they need ‘depth’ to a dish.
  • It’s consistency wasn’t dry and it was far from soggy. It was the perfect balance of a creamy-like consistency, where my knife cut though the pasta sheets like butter to a knife.


As you can see… I enjoyed it! It was VERY filling. I was glad I didn’t order anything else with it to be honest!

The lady across from me had ordered the same as me with a side of sun-dried tomato, which I will HAVE to try next time I visit.


My Hazelnut Hot Chocolate..

Whenever I buy a hot drink, I tend to go for a hot chocolate. I have a Diet killing sweet tooth, so I have found that eating banana’s and using sweeteners like Agave Nectar and Coconut Sugar have helped me curb my craving and allowed me to ditch the white stuff (sugar).

I usually go for a hot chocolate with no sugar and Soya milk. To all those who are about to tell me about the hormones in Soya, I choose to get my extra female hormones in wherever I can as I believe it is helping curb any PCOS side effects such as facial hair and mood swings!

I advise if you have a sweet tooth like me, order this with a sweetener. Coming from a woman who can finish a share bag of Malteasers by herself, it’s not great tasting without the needed sweetness!

The taste of chocolate and hazelnut was very subtle in my opinion. I usually need a REAL chocolate kick, so I will definitely try the ‘Belgian chocolate’ version next time.


My Verdict:

I appreciate good service, great taste and good serving portions from where I eat. I become a regular to anywhere that gives me value for money and I definitely got this from Without Cafe. I say this without any sway of subjectivity. There was a good atmosphere in there, the food came quick and it tasted great. But most importantly I left with a full stomach.



…In fact, it was so good I decided to order a slice of the ‘Sweet Potato Quiche’ and the ‘Plantain & Carrot Leaf’ cake to go..

I’ve already ate the cake – lol!.. I really can’t with myself sometimes! But, I plan on having the Quiche for dinner tonight! #winning

So to all the healthy eaters, Vegetarians, Gluten-free eaters and Vegans… Meet ‘Without Cafe’. But I would also encourage others who want to enjoy a ‘Healthier option’ of everyday eating, definitely take a visit and order yourself a soup, a slice of lasagne, a cake or even a Panini with a herbal tea!! The options in this cafe are endless.

So well done Dionne, I am happy and SO proud of you! Without Cafe will see me along with my friends and sisters VERY SOON!

Where is Without Cafe?

2 Brighton Buildings
St John’s Hill
SW11 1RZ

The Menu

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