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How To Be A Happy, Successful & Single Girlboss In 7 Steps!!

Have you ever been so focused on you career that you get asked “when are you going to settle down?” or “when are you going to get married and have children?”. Well I am no stranger to this.. in fact yesterday I was asked the same question and told “Don’t leave it too late.. you will regret it” – er.. Thanks?

So If you are wondering “How do I become a happy and successful fashion stylist/Girlboss/Boyboss?“… Well, you have come to the right post!


After first speaking about my recent marital status on my blog “Sheng NuI thought it’s really important for you guys to know how I keep going, how I keep motivated and how I place happiness and positivity as a priority in my life!

I feel its so important as I begin to put “a face” to my career that I stay genuine with you guys…
If I speak about the importance of not getting caught up on people’s ‘showreels’ I’ve learned the importance of you seeing me for who I am and not just these glossy editorial shots and selfies.

I hope you enjoy.. Let me know what you think!

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