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Girlboss Beauty Review: Masque Bar Brightening Mask!

Tucked up on my sofa trying to “stay productive” and tapping away on my laptop, I realised we all have to clock out and catch up on that much-needed me time! Apart from the long days at Fashion Week taking its toll, I was feeling a little under the weather!

Now, there are some perks to fashion week other than getting a first-hand glance at amazing designer collections! Sometimes if you are seated “FROW” (front row) or at selective presentations, they hand out goody-bags. Now, I haven’t managed to go through all of mine yet. I sometimes can be the person that doesn’t unpack their suitcase for weeks after holiday *hides face*, but I spotted these amazing masks by Masque Bar as I glanced in the branded gift bag!

Here is a personal recommendation! – Pampering yourself with a facial and a long, hot, bubbly bath is the perfect prescription for winding down and feeling like yourself again. So I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out one of my goodies to lift my spirits!


Watch My Review:

First Impressions

I decided to go with the Brightening mask as I have skin pigmentation and was suffering from tired skin!

Opening the lightweight packet was no problem and I noticed as you pull out the sheet mask it is completely drenched (watch your surfaces) but it smelt amazing!



What did I think?

I thought the masks overall design was quite handy. Unlike a lot of other masks which may not take into consideration different face shapes, the tiny cuts all over the mask made it possible to smooth the mask over my face completely.

The mask didn’t tingle or give any type of sensations during my 30 minute application which was surprising as most of my brightening products tend to give a little bit of a tingle.

When removing the mask I noticed a slight blur to my skin but the thing that stuck out most to me was my super soft skin! As I type this.. I am literally stroking my face – lol! I felt so fresh-faced with this mask and the effects are lasting!



Mask Details:



So this is a close up of my skin after the mask… Peep my White freckles LOL!


Lets just say, I felt SO MUCH better! Will I be trying another mask?…. er… YES!!

I score it:


How to get a mask:

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