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Sleek Hair ‘Fashion Idol 101’ Kourtney Wig Review!! #Slay

Fashion Idol 101 – ‘Kourtney’ Wig


I always talk about how much I love my clients and how I love working with brand products that I believe in! Well.. Let me introduce you to Sleek’s Fashion Idol 101 Synthetic Wig ‘Kourtney’.

Full of body, full of texture… full of SLAAAAYYYYY!!…


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The Product Style & Packaging

#Selfie Time

My First Impressions:

This Synthetic wig comes in a standard Fashion Idol 101 box, I got it in a colour 1b.

Some features I love:

  • Silkbase (style) Free parting
  • Lace front with baby hair
  • Baby hairs at the nape so you can put it into a up-do
  • soft and ‘natural’ looking texture (not like other shiny synthetic hair)
  • Long but nicely layered (guessing lengths are about 24, 18, 14)
  • Can be straightened or curled up to 200°C
  • Ventilated wig cap
  • Internal elastic bands – with hooks (to adjust the fit)
  • Internal comb for “hair flip” security


#Selfie Time.. Again..

What Did I think?

As I instinctively ran my hands through the wig, I looooooved the texture of the hair! It is full-bodied, soft and lightweight. Also, the colour 1 looks really great against my skin I am so glad I picked this natural looking colour.

Wig Tip:

To lay the hair flatter I used a hairdryer on low and a vent brush, this technique is especially good for when I change the parting. I also customised it a little more to make the parting more prominent and realistic by plucking right up to the hairline.

Although I have been wearing the wig for only two days now, I haven’t really noticed shedding at all, which is a pleasant surprise.

I noticed a little bit of tangling at the end of the day, but again nothing major.


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