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Having Trouble With Getting Past Your Past? Read This… #Growth


About two days ago.. I was having a pretty rough time. I found myself in yet-another situation where I felt like I was being taken advantage of. I have this innate drive in me that loves to support people big or small. Actually? – Especially small!

As I ran the events over my head, it dragged up scenario’s in my past… inevitably, I began asking myself “why on earth am I nice to people”, “why don’t I just somehow turn a switch and be as cold and uncaring as some other people are to me”. Then just like that… *bling* – That’s meant to be my phone by the way lol. Just like that, I got a message from an angel aka Model April Alexander on WhatsApp with this amazing story.

Now, if you are having trouble with forgiveness or feel like people are taking advantage of you. Maybe you are at the end of your tether and are thinking to really change it up and rearrange your priority of showing ‘kindness’. I suggest you read this….

“A Spiritual Master saw a scorpion drown and decided to pull him out of the water.

When he did, the scorpion stung him.
Through the effect of pain, the master let go of the animal, which again fell into the water drowning.

The Master tried to shoot him again and the animal stung him again.
A young disciple who was observing approached the Master and said,
“Excuse me, Master, but why do you insist?” Do not you understand that every time you try to pull it out of the water it will sting you? “

The Master replied, “The nature of the scorpion is to sting and that will not change mine is to help. ”
Then the Master reflected and with a green leaf he drew the scorpion out of the water and saved his life, then, addressing his young disciple, he continued:
“Do not change your nature if someone hurts you, just take precautions, for men are almost always ungrateful for the benefit you give them, but that is no reason to stop doing good, To abandon the love that lives in you.

Some pursue happiness, others create it. Take care of your conscience rather than your reputation. Because your conscience is what you are, and your reputation is what others think of you …

When life presents you with a thousand reasons to cry, watches you have a thousand reasons to smile.
Do not keep this Wisdom for you alone, share it with the people you respect, love and admire. Thank you.


This Automatically felt like a message from God answering my complaints. Reminding me to remain myself.

I realised that no matter what situation I may enter.. Whether or not there is a risk of them treating me good or bad.. I must be good anyway. Just Maybe, we are all upset and find it hard to forgive people i.e. our friends, ex’s, parents etc. because this temporary bitter feeling of pain is making us want to withdraw all our acts of kindness to people who in retrospect, didn’t deserve it.

Kindness, is lasting and when I reach the end of my life and people read my eulogy or I stand before God, I want to know that I have used all the talent I have been given and all the small seeds of kindness that I have planted will not go to waste.

I want my seeds of kindness to grow into something beautiful! yes I know it sounds corny – but honestly that is my heart.

So be you. Be you until the end of time! That’s all that matters right!!

Take care of your conscience rather than your reputation.

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