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New Hair… Who Dis! Sleek Virgin Gold Peruvian Review!

Sleek Virgin Gold Peruvian Straight


I have been hugely inspired by the recent hair trends of “blorange” a.k.a. Peach! So instead of doing a regular review with my new delivery from ‘Hair By Sleek’ – I decided to do something fun, fresh and trendy!



Watch Me Unbox it!:

The Product Style:

Virgin Gold Peruvian Straight


Before Colouring:



My First Impressions:

The hair was packaged really nicely (check video), I really do appreciate attention to detail when receiving a product.

After taking the hair out, the bundles were a good size –  I would say about 100/150g per pack. The hair was smooth, silky, hardly any shedding (unless brushed briskly) and the colour was a natural 1b.

I love full hair so I was happy that I revieced a total of 3 packs! In the above picture, I made a wig and had only sewn in 2 bundles of the seek hair and mixed it with a darker closure and a few tracks from my previous hair to blend the brown tones.


Colour Freedom Cream Bleach


I Lifted the colour of the hair twice using colour freedom cream bleach from Superdrug…


I definitely would use this bleach again, I found it really easy to use!


After colouring:

I used a permenent hair colour L’oreal Colorista in ‘Rose Gold’

Colorista Paint Rose Blonde Hair Dye


and then Bleach London’s  Rose during the wash process.


Bleach London Super Cool Colours Rose



What Did I think?:

Overall, I am enjoying this hair! At first impression, it looked stunning and having the ability to colour it and bleach it twice and it not falling apart is a great sign!

The curl pattern was straight, so i found that when I had it blended with other Peruvian hair, the curl patterns didn’t match. So i would advise that you only blend it with other hair if you are planning on wearing straighter styles.

Also, usually when i curl my hair with a wand, the curls would hold for a week. But I have found that they only seem to hold for about two days with this hair.

Hair tip:

I am maintaining the hair by twisting it at night and wrapping it to protect it. Washing and conditioning is needed as after a week i have found that it has got dry and began to tangle. So with colour it is necessary to maintain it with conditioner treatments and cocounut oil!



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