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Beauty Review | ‘Divine Lips’ by Joan Collins!!

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Hello Colour!!

Spring is definitely in the air and I am excited to brighten up my make-up looks with this stunning lip colour from Joan Collins Timeless Beauty!! I am a lover of nudes, but when I put on some colour I love to go full on!!

I tend to go for matte colours because of my full lips, but I was glad when Alex Silver PR asked me to give this vibrant colour a try!

What do I look for in Lipsticks?

In a good lipstick I look for; Moisturised lips (I hate that uncomfortable stiff feeling), good pigment and buildable colour!

So lets see how well this lipstick does!


Watch me try it on!



Lets open it up!!


So I experienced a little of that ‘love at first sight’ feeling! Without a doubt the packaging for this product is STUNNING!!

Never judge a book by its cover! When I popped the lid off and saw the colour I was sceptical if it would suit my complexion. But the swatch removed all doubt!!



What did I think?

As I glided it on, the shade of pink was super HOT and popped against my skin! It’s definitely full of moisture and the pigment is VERY strong. I worked it over a few times and the colour can easily be built up to get the colour pigment I want… I’ve struck gold with all of my top three lipstick must-haves.


Lets see it on!!


I’m sooo obsessed with this colour!!

As you can tell, I was feeling myself – just a little!




Final Thoughts…

It’s key features are:

– Moisture (comfortable wear)

– Buildable colour

– Strong Pigment

– Suits Dark skin

Overall the quality and versatility of this lipstick is amazing!

It is very glossy upon application, so be careful not to overdraw too much (like i did in the video – lol!!).

Also, the product is so pigmented that it leaves a tint to your lips, so put a base of vaseline (or any balm you use) to protect your lips before application!

I rate this product…


Buy this Lipstick!




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Lipstick by Joan Collins Timeless Beauty



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JOA24007COMP2_Divine Lips Lipstick Evelyn (Pink)

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Hope you enjoyed! xxxo

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