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Beauty Review: Kiss Cosmetics ‘Lash Couture’ Lashes!!

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The only drama I need in my life right now is in my lashes!

I was very happy to try out these stunning Kiss cosmetics – cruelty free ‘faux mink’ lashes! (That was a mouthful). For a few years I’ve tried to steer away from false individuals and opted for game changing lash strips! I definitely always go for lashes which look natural, fluffy and have a cat eye feature to suit the shape of my eyes. In the above picture I am wearing The style called ‘little black dress’ and from my smile I hope you can see it was a little bit of love at first sight! I mean… seriously!! How natural do they look!!?


Watch Them In Action:


My First Impression…

Am I the only one who gasps when it comes to makeup? I pulled them out of the package and did a little squeal! Sometimes less is more and I love everything from the simple packaging all the way to the fluffy appearance of the strips!


Get These Lashes – £7.99

What did I think?

As I reluctantly opened it up (because I didn’t want to ruin the packaging) I noticed it unfortunately didn’t come with lash glue (make sure you read packaging so no surprises – lol). But I was quickly distracted by the soft fluffy texture of the lashes as I ran my finger along them.

I have mastered the art of putting on lashes which you can see here! These ‘LBD Lashes’ are stunning!



Lash Details:

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More Selfie’s…


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My final Thoughts:

It’s key features are:

– Natural look

– weightless and comfortable to wear

– Knot free lash band (Great for blending with liner)

– Soft and fluffy

I really like the quality and feel of these lashes! But most of all its ‘natural look’ is a HUGE winner for me!

Unlike many other mass luxury mink lash companies these lashes are a bit more affordable!

I rate this product…


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