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Beauty Review: Khase Cosmetics Nude Matte Lipsticks!!

“Coco” Liquid Lipstick by Khase

If you know anything about me… you would know that I am obsessed with a good nude lippy! From deep to light shades or anything between a glossy to matte finish – I’ll take it them all!!

In a matte liquid lipstick I am always looking for three main things:

  1. Good pigment
  2. Comfort (doesn’t make my lips feel dry)
  3. Endurance (food-proof)

…and from what I have read and seen, these lipsticks do just that!

I was practically waiting at the door for my two new matte liquid lipsticks to arrive in the post! I hope you love them as much as me!!

Buy Matte Liquid Lipstick in shade “Coco”


Time to try it on!!:


Coco Matte Liquid Lipstick by Khase


My First Impressions:

Khase cosmetics have had an amazing rebrand/relaunch!! As seen in the video, the packaging is minimal and fresh and this theme seamlessly follows right through to the product.

A good wand is a real thing… I know it sounds crazy for me to mention this but we have seen so much drama going about with brands who skimp on the finest details. For me, application has to be seamless so I notice these details! It is fluffy but firm – the perfect combination for a perfectionist!

How To Apply:

Step 1 :Prep your lips by exfoliating them removing the dead skin
Step 2 :Apply to clean lips, building intense colour as you go
Step 3 :Pat your lips & blot with tissue, removing any excess from your lips



What Did I think?

Because the lipstick isn’t thick, a little definitely goes a long way! Like most matte lipsticks you have to wait a minute or two to see the real colour – and these ice colours definitely don’t disappoint!

So let me get straight to the point… here are the things that I loved!!:

  1. A little goes a long way which means it is good value for your money!!
  2. The firm wand gives a helping hand for a professional application (just take your time, you will see the difference).
  3. Giving the small amount I used, the coverage is great…
  4. looking at my picture, the pigment is perfect! – I’m obsessed!!
  5. I wore this and it lasted most of the day but got ruined when I ate dinner so this is kiss proof.. but definitely not completely food proof!
  6. Maybe its the smooth consistency of this product, but I also found touch-up easy too!



You can also try…

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Buy Matte Liquid Lipstick in shade “Chai”

Final Thoughts….

First of all –  this product ticks my ‘must have’ boxes so this is already a winner for me! No nude is ever the same, so if you are a huge lover like me then this is definitely one to add to your collection!!

Thanks Khase & I hope you are considering adding some more shades to your nude collection!!


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