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My FIRST 15 Minute Everyday Make-Up Tutorial For Dark Skin!!

Hey guys!! I really hope you enjoy my first ever “everyday makeup tutorial” which you can do in 15 minutes. This tutorial is perfect for beginners, dark skin tones and…

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How Much Do Fashion Stylists Get Paid?

Ever wondered How much do Fashion Stylists get paid? or “How do I become a fashion stylist?”… Well, you have come to the right video! This video will teach you…

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Beauty Review: Public Desire Mink Lashes #BeBecky

I’ve realised, although I watch countless videos on how to do make-up (which I am sure a lot of you do), it is really all about finding your own feet…

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The Balmain Kim Kardashian Look – Shop My Instagram!!

I know you guys loved this dress I used on my photoshoot last week!! It has that amazing Kim Kardashian x Balmain Vibe about it Well – Now you can…

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