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How Much Do Fashion Stylists Get Paid?

How much fashion stylist gets paid

Ever wondered

How much do Fashion Stylists get paid?

or “How do I become a fashion stylist?”… Well, you have come to the right video!

This video will teach you the basics of Finances and how much you can expect a Fashion Stylist to get paid!
I would recommend watching it all.


To help you navigate a little bit better (if you want to return to the video for a specific topic), please look below:

1:38 – Fashion Stylist Financial Misconceptions
I talk about all key financial misconceptions that you will face as a fashion stylist

5:42 – Important Message *Before You Watch*
Throughout this video I want this part to stick with you!!

6:37 – How Much Do Stylists Get Paid
As you all know, I specialise in Fashion Styling! In this section I talk about how much fashion stylists get paid and then I go on to highlight the different pay brackets in different career levels.

19:02 – Personal stylist tips/rates
If you are a Personal Stylist, I give a few tips and highlight some rates.

13:26 – Which Stylist Earns The Most?
If you are questioning which files to get into then section will definitely help!! In this section, I talk about who earns the most.

16:51 – “The Money Dance
When you are talking with a client and deciding on budgets and how much to get paid, I recommend doing what I call the “Money Dance”.

20:00 – Clothing Budgets Explained
Here is where I cover clothing budgets all the time! Here I explain what it is and what to expect! Don’t forget to watch my tutorials where I cover:

1) How to pull clothing from brands

2) How to select the right items for your client

3) How to create a clothing moodboard. – YOU WILL BECOME A PRO!!

22:44 – Tax return & paperwork tips
Anyone who is self employed has to deal with it Tax & Paperwork! In this section I touch on how I keep organised with my invoices and receipts.

Tax Brackets:
Personal Allowance – Up to £11,500 – Tax: 0%
Basic rate – £11,501 to £45,000 – Tax: 20%
Higher rate – £45,001 to £150,000 – Tax: 40%
Additional rate – over £150,000 – Tax: 45%

24:06 – How To Stay balanced. my final note
In this section, I touch on my own experiences with finances and give my final bits of advice. please watch this till the end.

Watch Tutorial:

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