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Fashion Stylist Tutorials: Mastering A Fashion Internship!

Hi Everyone! Have you ever asked

“what should i expect from an internship?”


“Whats skills do i need?”

… Well, you have come to the right video!

This video will teach you the basics of how to master your Fashion internship!
Applying for an internship is always dependent on where/who you are applying with. So i decided to focus on the MAIN part. So you know what to expect, what skills you need, where to look and how long you should intern for (and much more).


Get The Look:


Hair: @treelles
Lipstick by Pat MacGrath ‘Mcmenamy’ (Get The Look)
Lashes by Kiss Lash couture ‘Gala’
Top by Missguided 
Denim Jacket by ASOS

Stylist Mug – Discount Code: ‘FRIENDSOFMINE’


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I know this video is a bit long and I would recommend watching it all. But because I love you all, I decided to help you navigate a little bit better if you want to return to the video for a specific topic:

*my wing liner smudged but i refused to record this again #icant*



1.54 – Important message about leaving a question!

3.02 – What does internship mean to me?

3.40 – What are the Types of Fashion internships available

6.27 – What skills does a good intern need?

12.56 – What Internship is right for you?

15.13 – What should you expect to come out of an internship with?

18.10 – How long should a internship last?

21.27 – Where to look for an internship

22.32 – How much do interns get paid?
Please watch finances video: https://youtu.be/CyjEm2hPdXk

I hope you enjoy it.. Let me know what you think!

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