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Primark x Stacey Solomon Collection! #ootd

The new Stacey Solomon x Primark collaboration is here and I love it! This Loose women panelist who is often praised for her stylish flair has given us one of the hottest High Street collaborations which is available in stores NOW!

Like many of us, Stacey is a huge fan of Primark! So when looking at the collection, it is no surprise that it is filled with fun, fresh and sparkly pieces!  You can find anything from clothing to accessories starting from as low as £1.50!

The Collection:

Primark asked her:

What was it about collaborating with Primark that really got you excited?

I love Primark. It’s somewhere I’ve shopped since I can remember ,and I love what it stands for. Accessible fashion for everyone.

What are your favourite pieces from the collection?

Obviously I’m obsessed with it all! I picked each and every piece and I’m so proud of the entire collection. I can see myself living in the green puffer jacket though, it’s so bright and warm

Your collection is bold, bright and fun, does this reflect your personal style?

YES!!!! I love rainbows, glitter, and positivity so I tried to inject a little bit of that into the collection.

We at BlackHair love the statement puffa jackets, colourful knits and timeless edgy prints! Our Editor teamed up with Primark to show you what she bought which is ‘curvy girl’ friendly – check out the blogger-style shoot at the bottom! 


1. My Best Life Tee

Stacey Solomon x Primark Living My Best Life Tee

Available in store | £4.00


2. Pleated Green Skirt

Stacey Solomon x Primark Pleated Green Skirt

Available in store | £13.00


3. Green Puffa Jacket

Stacey Solomon x Primark Green Puffa Jacket

Available in store | £25.00


4. Supersoft Curved Hem Jumper

Stacey Solomon x Primark Supersoft Curved Hem Jumper

Available in store | £10.00


5. Straight Cut High Wasted Jean

Stacey Solomon x Primark Straight Cut High Wasted Jean

Available in store | £13.00


6. White Chunky Outsole Lowtop

Stacey Solomon x Primark White Chunky Outsole Lowtop

Available in store | £12.00


7. Oversized Fur Pom Beanie

Stacey Solomon x Primark Oversized Fur Pom Beanie

Available in store | £3.00


8. Gold Silk Dress

Stacey Solomon x Primark Gold Silk Dress

Available in store | £20.00


9. Leopard Leather Bag

Stacey Solomon x Primark Leopard Leather Bag

Available in store | £10.00


10. Gold Hoop Belt £3

Stacey Solomon x Primark Gold Hoop Belt

Available in store | £3.00


11. Purple Knitted Roll Neck

Stacey Solomon x Primark Purple Knitted Roll Neck

Available in store | £10.00


12. Check Skirt

Stacey Solomon x Primark Check Skirt

Available in store | £8.00


13. Dangle Earring

Stacey Solomon x Primark Dangle Earring

Available in store | £1.50


14. Black Twist Bodysuit


Stacey Solomon x Primark Black Twist Bodysuit

Available in store | £8.00


15. Yellow Crossbody

Stacey Solomon x Primark Yellow Crossbody

Available in store | £8.00


16. Black Ankle Boot

Stacey Solomon x Primark Black Ankle Boot

Available in store | £16.00


17. Check Coat

Stacey Solomon x Primark Check Coat

Available in store | £30.00


18. Black Pu Midi

Stacey Solomon x Primark Black Pu Midi

Available in store | £10.00


19. Red Leopard Print Turtle Neck

Stacey Solomon x Primark Red Leopard Print Turtle Neck

Available in store | £6.00


20. Twist Gold Hoop Earrings £1.50

Stacey Solomon x Primark Twist Gold Hoop Earrings

Available in store | £1.50


21. Red Leopard Print Dress

Stacey Solomon x Primark Leopard Print Dress

Available in store | £20.00


22. Glitter High Heels

Stacey Solomon x Primark Glitter High Heels

Available in store | £14.00


Me In The Stacy Solomon x Primark Collection:

Wearing Size 12-14.

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