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Beauty Review | Glamglow Super Range


My skincare routine just got a new update with the Glamglow Super Range! I was gifted the new SuperMud Mask, SuperSerum & SuperToner to try out, So if you want to find out a little bit more about these products and what I think about them.. Keep reading!!


Watch My Demo:



Products Used:

– EyeBoost Reviving Eye Mask


– SuperMud mask (Travel Size)


– SuperToner Exfoliating Acid

– SuperSerum (6 Acid) Refining Treatment




So.. Lets talk about the products!..


The SuperMud Mask

What is it….

This product is an advanced clearing treatment that works to combat common skin concerns, including blemishes, breakouts and uneven texture. It is fortified with Activated-X Charcoal which draws out dirt and toxins from deep within the pores to reveal a radiant, clarified complexion. Helps to minimise the appearance of visible pores, whilst delivering mattifying properties to eliminate oiliness and unwanted shine. Skin feels renewed and refined with restored vitality.

How to use it…

  • Apply a Thin Layer to Clean Skin.
  • Leave on for 5 – 20 minutes
  • Remove with Water.
  • Avoid eye area.
  • Use a sunscreen and limit sun exposure while using the week after.
  • Not for use on sensitive skin.

What did I think…

I absolutely love the packaging for this product, it even has a cute greeting on the packaging saying “hello sexy”. Ihad a travel size for this product so I would say I have up to 5 uses from it. The mask, like most charcoal masks I try has a slight coolness to it and can be messy at time so using the right tools is essential! I love hoe I could see it working (check the close-up in my demo) and my skin really did look brighter nd feel super smooth after removing it



The SuperToner

What is it….

This product is a super concentrated exfoliating toner with the Super Six Acid Blend and activated charcoal for instantly refreshed, refined skin.

In one sweep, it keeps your complexion clear with our powerful blend of six acids to remove dead surface cells that cause skin problems. Pores are immediately refined and unclogged for a clarified complexion.

How to use it…

  • Shake to activate.
  • Gently sweep over clean skin.
  • Use once a day as part of your usual skincare regimen and follow with your normal regimen, including moisturiser.
  • This product contains six skin-friendly acids; you may experience tingling or discomfort.

What did I think…

Clean and high-end  packaging! I love shaking the bottle to activate it and watching the product take on a galaxy, marble-like form!

The product is like magic.. grey to the eye and then once you swipe it on your skin it disappears! It definitely has a little bit of a tingle effect – but I have a thing for products that make you feel like it is actively working.

i don’t use it too often but I love using it at night so I can wake up with fresher and clearer skin.



The SuperSerum

What is it….

Kick dull, tired, lacklustre skin to the curb!! This product is a silky, skin-plumping and exfoliating serum that sloughs away dead surface skin and refines skin’s texture to reveal a smooth, radiant complexion.

A high-potency Super Six Acid blend, which combines a powerful AHA, BHA and PHA cocktail performs a chemical exfoliation, dislodging and removing dead skin and impurities from clogged pores, and promoting healthy regeneration. Added activated Charcoal purifies whilst Hyaluronic Acid delivers an immediate moisture surge to replenish skin with hydration and smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Free from irritation-inducing nasties, the Superserum™ leaves skin bouncy, glowing and years younger in minutes.

How to use it…

  • Apply to clean, dry face, morning and/or night.
  • Follow with a moisturiser.

What did I think…

Again, I absolutely love the packaging for this product, and it’s silver details – looks so chic!! I try to switch up my skincare routine and layer my serums… but this one HAS tome one of my favourites! If you follow me on inst you ill see I use it quite often in my tutorials and make-up looks for skin prep.

Product is delivered via a mini dispenser pump and the formula is super runny, so be careful of dripping! Just like the packaging says – skin feels instantly hydrated, plumped and smooth. I can not recommend it highly enough! Definitely something I think you should invest in!!



Last thoughts..

So I really like this collection! I have used some of their masks before but this was my first time trying their other products and I am really happy I have. The price point is higher for their products, however you pay for quality a lot of the time. I would definitely recommend trying their travel size superman mask as it is a lower price point and a great way to try out their products. However, the Superserum stole the show and has won me over and become part of my daily routine.. so definitely give it a try!


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