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Eco-Friendly Fashion | Curvy Girl Friendly Zuela Loungewear Haul + Crystals!!


I want to show you a NEW self care fashion brand that can you can use for yourself, your clients and for editorials!
The brand is called Zuela and I know you will love them!
They are serious about empowering women, promoting good mental health and determined to create a more greener world with their eco-friendly production and products!!
All of this comes with a twist… a pocket for a crystals which is renowned to have positive effects!

As you know, I am always in a search for clothes, shoes and accessories that look good, fit good and make me feel good!

#ad #PutyourPositivePantsOn

Zuela’s Website:

Mind Charity:

Crystals Explained:

Watch My Haul:


Look 1:

Quartz Set:
Quartz Set
Quartz Bra:
Quartz Bra
Positive Pants:
Positive Pants
Sacral Thong:
Sacral Thong

Look 2:

Self Love Slip Dress:
Self Love Slip Dress

Look 3:

Hazel BodySuit:
Hazel Bodysuit

Look 4:

Self Love Club Slogan Tee
Organic Cotton T-shirt

Look 5:

Beaded Slip On Sandal Wide Fit


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