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Vlog | My Blogger Trip With Marks & Spencer ‘Per Una’ In Cotswold!! #PerUnaPals

Marks and spencer Per Una Blogger trip The fish hotel

Thats right, I went on a Marks and Spencer ‘Per Una’ Bloggers trip! Would you guys mind if I screamed for a moment? Going on this trip was as surreal as looking in there mirror after I chopped of all my hair – but that is another story!

It was packed with laughter, good company, good food (and wine of course) and most importantly FASHION darling!

It’s only right that I share with you my time on the trip and talk you through what happened – so keep scrolling!


Watch My Vlog:

Our Marks and Spencer blogger trip started off on the thames – Literally! We all met at Darcie & May Green which is a boat restaurant located at the grand union canal. I waddled in the narrow door with my case and sighed with relief when I was met with the group of cases – aha, I didn’t overpack after all!

Because I skipped breakfast, I opted for a hearty brunch option from the menu. I ordered the Smoked Salmon Royale, which was absolutely delicious!

I washed it down with a pot of mint tea, and had a little chin wag with the girls surrounding me.

Gorgeous ladies who was shooting a special feature for The Sunday Times sat to the left of me. Across, sat the gorgeous Andrea Fullerton and then to my right sat Stylist, Author and Blogger Caroline Jones a.k.a. KnickersModelsOwn!

Being freelance, its not often I get to have such personal and stimulating conversations with vibrant successful women in my field. Being blessed with an abundance of that, the journey from Paddington to Moreton in Marsh flew by!

There was two Photographers booked on the trip with us, the lovely Jane Looker and Jess Lathan. All bloggers were split into two groups and assigned to one of them to get the ‘perfect shot’.

The location, was just… WOW! We stayed at the beautiful Fish Hotel tucked away in the picturesque fields of cotswold. Need I brag anymore? My room was absolute heaven (you can see it in the video).


Marks and spencer per una blogger trip


We had about 30 minutes to get our bits together, get dressed, get refreshed and get our shots taken! I was able to pick a few looks before hand, but we only had the option of shooting one look.

Here are the looks I chose:

Look 1:

My Moodboard

Marks and spencer Per una velvet suit

Look 2:

My Moodboard

Marks and spencer per una autograph

Look 3:

My Moodboard

Marks and spencer Per una

“My Trousers ripped…”

I was paired up with Photographer Jess who has a lovely etherial finish to her pictures, so after I got changed into my Velvet suit I met up with her and the other ladies.

Now, here comes my BIG FAT wardrobe malfunction – it would be me right?.

Let me explain; I was wearing heels.. literally the only girl who decided to dress up her Per Una look. So I put on a pair of complimentary ‘Fish Hotel’ wellington boots so I could walk about and wait for my shots to be taken. Luckily for me, Lauren (PR officer at M&S) approaches me and whispers “your trousers have split”. At that point I could have died. I mean the country air was blowing full force and I didn’t even notice the split in my trousers. I had to get changed, so below was the Marks and Spencer look I created with Jess!


Get The Look


Thank GOD for blogger Hollie Burgess who soothed me back to sanity after my wardrobe malfunction. The new look was cute and I was really happy with the shots that were taken. After, I was emotionally exhausted and opted to head back to my room and have a little moan with my sister on FaceTime! But the tide was soon to turn, I got a text from Lauren to say that the other photographer Jane wanted to shoot with me too… JACKPOT!! So I plucked up all my Lizzo courage and strut down the hill in my split trousers to make sure I nailed these shots!

I mean, how beautiful did they turn out? You honestly could never tell that my entire crutch was out LOL!

GeT The Look


We all met up in the evening for pre-dinner drinks, where we got to meet with the head of design and learn a little more about the beautiful Per Una collection. Dinner was fabulous, I wis hI got more pictures to show you of the delicious food but I was truly ‘enjoying the moement’. It was plate after plate of sharing platters balanced with mouth-watering comfort food and tasty veggie options. When we all couldn’t eat or drink anymore we went back to our rooms and  and floated in the deep soak tub and finished my night with a cheeky facial and hot chocolate.

In the morning there was a tasty english buffet in the main restaurant, there I met with a few of the ladies and caught up with Hollie!

Blogger Hollie Plus Erica Matthews Fashion stylist


I then found a deckchair on the hill and watched the scenery until it was time to go, honestly one night was not enough!

Hands down, this was one of the most memorable moments for me. Despite having a fashion background, you may notice me do a lot more beauty than fashion and that’s because I don’t have much luck with fashion brands. I feel a lot of pressure in terms of not being skinny or “fat” enough or even presenting myself sexy enough to match my curves. I can’t be the only one, but I even slip into a bit of imposter mode when I realise everyone else around me has a much bigger following than me. But I have got to hand it to myself… I work my butt of & God keeps blessing me!! I am so happy that the Marks and Spencer team saw me, see my content and choose me to be part of such a beautiful campaign!

What is your favourite piece form the collection?


The Ladies On The Trip!! #PerUnaPals


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