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Meet The New Mood Collection From Revolution SkinCare

Meet the newest family to the Makeup Revolution family, the Mood Collection! I was secretly testing this new range over Dec-Jan & when I was getting the compliments on my skin on IG stories I was gagging to tell everyone what I was using!!

The Range:

My Usual Skin focus:
🔘Dry/Oily Skin
🔘Uneven Skin Tone/Pigmentation
🔘Random Breakouts


Watch My Intro/Review:


The Result:

Even though I ate as if I was carrying triplets, look how good my skin looks! 😩🙌🏾😭

The Calm Range

I tried all three of their Mood ranges but I definitely gravitated towards the (4-piece) calm collection as it’s formula’s are richer + it’s created to hydrate, smooth & calm the skin. I found that my skin felt super smooth, brighter and nourished.

Ingredients You’ll Love From The Calm Collection:
🔘Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil
helps to soothe & nourish
🔘Resurrection Leaf Extract
A shrub indigenous to South Africa, is known to revive itself from dehydration🤯
🔘Korean Red Ginseng
used to replenish and rehydrated skin #GlassSkin
🔘Apricot Kernel Oil
melts easily into the skin to nourish and care, without feeling greasy or heavy
🔘White and Green Tea
help to soothe & calm skin
🔘Vitamin E
Full of antioxidants
helps to keep skin hydrated and soothed
believed by ancient civilisations to have been created by the moon’s rays!



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