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Street Style

Some may call it stalking..

BUT I like to call it style scouting!!

..Time to begin my fashion trend paparazzi!!




So I have heard of Vintage but this was pure “Va Va Vooom” Vintage!!

I had to stop this Fashionista on Oxford Street! I have a Radar for Embellishment and my Meter was doing overload!!

It was Vintage, on Vintage  with Vintage Stepping in Vintage and i just had to pap this look!!

What I especially loved about this dress and Jacket combo is that it’s my ideal day to night look!!

What is she wearing?

Well… Everything was beyond retro!! so its wise to head of to brick Lane and have a dig around all the Vintage stores!!

Want her nails?

Here’s a tip on how to get her nails!!

Barry M Nail Polish Matt White – £2.99 – Superdrug

… then when polish is dry overlay the  nails with this GEEENIUS PRODUCT!!..

Bling Candy Sprinkles by Elegant touch – £5.49 – Superdrug

(photo taken from filthygorgeousmakeup.blogspot.co.uk)

So if you guys love her look, make sure you head down to Brick and then make a pit stop at Superdrug to finish of this gorgeous look!!

“You Got PAP’ED”

SCORE 9/10

As you may know i am a HUGE fan of all that looks vintage!!

I spotted this bag in Croydon Boots on a very trendy lady. a shame that most vintage items are a one of… but this is DEF one of my style item of the week… 27/10/2010

“You Got PAPP’ED”

SCORE 8/10

On my way to work and i spotted this very lovely lady dressed for work, There was NO WAY with my style scouting talent i could let this lady walk past without approaching her!

This is definitely another way we can all glam up the Aviator for a day look!

Everything from her trendy haircut and glam Red lips to her gorgeous tailored shoes was BANG ON TREND!! *ding ding*!!

“You Got PAP’ED”

SCORE 10/10

I spotted this stylish girl… yet again in CROYDON… YES… i can’t believe it.. My are is SERIOUSLY beginning to surprise me!

This young lady caught my eye because AGAIN from head to toe.. she was bang ‘ON TREND’

I love the contrasting texture of the faux fur collar on her leather jacket. She softened it down with a gorgeous cream blouse and a simple micro skirt layered with fashion tights. Her ankle worker boots were gorgeous to.. and not to mention her VINTAGE BAG *GASSSP*

“You Got PAPP’ED”

SCORE 10/10

I thought i was lucky when i was able to snap one outfit which i absolutely loved… but I striked it lucky when i spotted two ‘on trend’ fashionistas in.. yes… CROYDON *gassp*.

This season is all about layering up in style.. i probably could lose count in how many items these ladies are wearing.. but i HAVE TO ADMIT! i love every single item.. I spotted worker boots, chunky knits, stockings, denim, khaki and a printed scarf doubled into a stylish Amy Winehouse inspired headband!


“You Got PAPP’ED”

SCORE 10/10


I spotted this lady who goes by the name of Mireille Lumumba!

The room was half pitch black.. i promise… but i could spot style in the dark deep pits of the blue lagoon… LOL!

This girl stood out for me! every piece she wore made a Pure statement. Her outfit SCREAMED vintage and her suede wedges were bang on trend..  I couldn’t help but compliment her hair which reminded me soooo much of one of the biggest fashionistas ‘Arieta Mujay’… seems like you have a mini me clone Arieta.. *spooky* and I thought the Tan colour of her tailored shorts worked lovely with her skin tone!


“You Got PAPP’ED”

SCORE 10/10

I am MORE convinced than EVER that Croydon now offers some of the best styling… I spotted this Beaut’ walking through House of Fraser.. and HAD to stop her in her tracks. Not only people working directly in fashion look so good, this striking young lady works for Rush hairdressers and everyday i see her she looks AMAAAZING!

What i love about her styling is that it is unique… I love to see mixtures of vintage, high street and a splash of label designers in an outfit!! Mixing labels is how TRUE creativity in styling is born. I give her two thumbs up!

“You Got PAPP’ED”

SCORE 10/10

Well, I can easily say these girls hands down are the most stylish girls i have SEEN in Croydon.. er.. YES.. Chav’ central CROYDON!

I can’t even begin to pinpoint what i love about these girls!

but i had to stop and talk to them…

We see a lovely mixture of textures i.e. faux fur, chunky knits and leather… As well as colours; camel, khaki and wine complimented with bold prints..

Not to forget to mention.. my super LOOOVE for vintage… and these girls are cracking out their textured vintage bags with a vengeance!

EVERYTHING these girls are wearing are BANG ON TREND!!

I am in LOVE!..


“You Got PAPP’ED”

SCORE 15/10


The first thing that came to mind for me was English heritage. This trendy gal reminds me of the goooorgeous florence with her fiery red hair.

I spotted this lady in office… yup again i say it.. OFFICE CROYDON!! funnily enough her colleague calls her ‘charity shop’.. tut tut. Any fashionista knows that the best things come from vintage. all these vintage boutiques we shop in were inspired by our very charity shops that sit on our streets. Forget embarrassing, like TK Maxx some charity shops are time-consuming to look through but you can reeeally walk out with some unique bargains..

Her use of Autumn/Winter key trend pieces make this outfit stand out! especially with her use of colour and texture. The faux fur scarf and khaki tailored harem trousers look absolutely gorgeous together. She has paired the tailored trousers with a sheer top which has a gorgeous leaf detail on it (gawwwsh i love attention to fashion detail!!). The outfit is perfectly garnished with her boy lace up shoes in a warm brown colour and her goooorgeous fiery red vintage updo!!

I am WON over with this look.. I just HAAAAD to stop her!!!

If you want to know how to do this quirky ‘Vintage Updo’ then take a look at this video… apologies for the long intro but i LOVE how this girl does it. You can also swap the chosen ponytail in this video for a bun or a like the above fashionista a twisted pony updo!!

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“You Got PAPP’ED”

SCORE 10/10

Croydon is DEFINITELY a good place to be to get some style inspiration… And whats best than to walk past a group of friends who had their own individual looks… I absolutely LOVED their coats and just had to stop these ladies in their tracks!!

(starting left to right) The first lovely lady was wearing a floral vintage style coat which she bought from ‘sticky fingers’. The second lovely lady was wearing a simple chic grey coat from Krisp. The third lady .. May i say which IS my fav’ is wearing a coat from Oasis. And last but not least the fourth lady was wearing a hooded number from New Look

Keep an eye out for this gorgeous coat on Oasis… but get her look in these stores:

“You Got PAP’ED”

SCORE 10/10

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Enjoying the end of year sales, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get myself down to central London and begin some style stalking while shopping for some GREAT bargains!

I came across these two ladies strutting down Oxford street and HAD to stop them in their tracks. I absolutely loved (the girl on the left) The khaki  jacket and the brown boots aswell as (the girl on the right) the Floral ‘on trend’ Jumpsuit paired with a boyfriend blazer.

How to get Their looks:

Khaki Parka – H&M – £29.99

Boyfriend Boots – Deichmann – £14.99

Martine Floral Harem Jumpsuit – Boohoo – £15.00

So if you love their looks.. make sure you SNAP UP these bargains!!

“You Got PAP’ED”

SCORE 8/10

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I was shopping in H&M When i spotted these two trendy ladies. Wearing Vintage of course, it just makes it even harder for us to steal their style!! *GASSSP  of frustration*

But what i particularly love about these two ladies style was their colour use of camel, golds and yellow with a hint of denim… it was as if they fell out of the same wardrobe LOL.

It’s always a good idea to inject bright colours into key pieces in an outfit like coats, bags, tights etc. and they done just that!! I love everything from the trendy haircuts to the chic vintage boyfriend shoes..

They get full scores hands DOWN *jumps up and down*

“You Got PAP’ED”

SCORE 10/10

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location?… yup, you guessed it.. CROYDON… I saw these cute vintage lovers in my hometown which is also known as ‘chav city’ I reiterate. But i must admit.. Croydon is showing to be a real hotspot for the fashion lovers!!

I liked the contrast in these two ladies.. One is styled for a more relaxed boy’ish look still keeping on trend with a wine coloured sweater, denim jacket and a gorgeous pair of washed out boyfriend/worker boots. Whereas the other is styled a lot more girly which reminds me a lot of  the girls I papp’ed for ‘English Heritage‘ I love her courage for subtly pulling of white knit tights and muted plaid print shorts. And I think she accessorized the outfit well by layering pendant necklaces making the outfit complete.

Bravo ladies…

“You Got PAP’ED”

SCORE 7/10

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Was very happy to bump into these two in Croydon on the high street. I think it stands out very clear why I stopped them..

The girl ESPECIALLY just screamed fashion I haaaad to stop her in her tracks. The union jack shoes should make Britain proud. She made use of florals aswell as denim with absolutely no fear.. and she pulled it of nicely garnishing this outfit with her gorgeous statement red pout. Whereas she was wearing Vintage items, the young lad told me he was sporting Good’old high street fashion i.e. Topshop etc. He wore it well.. and I’m happy to have finally taken a picture of a guy in Croydon who i can be proud of stylewise *wohoo*.. SO CROYDON MALE TRENDSETTERS.. COME OUT!!

“You Got PAP’ED”

SCORE 7/10


Of I went to London to run some errands for my new Intern job *GRIN*.. and I saw these Hot guys!! I just LOOOVE when I see guys dressed to impressed.. and where better than Fashion HOTSPOT UK!!

I love the preppy twist to this effortless geek chic look!!

How to get The look:

Lyle & Scott Sweat Shirt Baseball Jacket – £90.00

There are so many Preppy style jackets about at the moment.. why not try this one from ASOS:


&DENIM Jeans £29.99

Also, again there are many different style skinny fit or slim fit (for the less daring guy) jeans you can get in many high street stores. You can get these in H&M:


Pair the jacket with a shirt of your choice and some skinny jeans (like above) or chino’s..

It’s as easy as 1..2..3..

So guys… if you love their looks.. make sure you SNAP UP these bargains!!

“You Got PAP’ED”

SCORE 8/10

Running some more errands up in central when i saw this gorgeous girly dressed to impress!

Wearing some of our favourite high street labels she OWNED this look!

What is she wearing?

The gorgeous print jumpsuit is from Topshop

The swauve blazer is from Zara

The wedges are from Next

The bag is from Mulberry

So guys… if you love her look.. make sure you pp to these high street stores SNAP UP these bargains!!

“You Got PAP’ED”

SCORE 8/10

This girls chic geek style won my heart. I spotted her on the streets of London and.. well OBVIOUSLY had to stop her in her tracks!!

I loves how she EFFORTLESSLY rocked her on trend polka dot print dress and made it smart casual by pairing it with a boyfriend blazer.

I am so loving the Printed head tie.. which is DEFINATELY A HUGE TREND i can see running into AW11!!


“You Got PAP’ED”

SCORE 8/10

Now, this style stalking post is different to ones i have  done before. not only did she catch my eye with those GORGEOUS high wast vintage style shorts, shirt and biker jacket BUT HER HAIR was so bang on trend.

I don’t know whether you have noticed this by now… but multi colour hair is HOT right now..

So why not pop down to the hairdressers.. or… pop down to your closest beauty superstore and buy

…good old crazy colour hair dye which you can find in any colour under the rainbow, which you can also find on my post on how to get nicki minaj’s look that she rocked out at the AMA awards!!

If you’re not so confident in dying your hair why not chose weave as an alternative.. i did!! get them clipped in, sewn in or glued in (seek professional help for glue)!!

“You Got PAP’ED”

SCORE 10/10

Ladies.. and brave fellaz!! get WHIPPIN!!

I could see her gorgeous powder pink pleated skirt a mile away in Victoria Station.. and i neeeeew i had to stop her in her tracks!!

This girl just shouted amazing from head to toe to me!!

Love her style..?

….well lets see what the high street offers us ao we can SNAP UP this chicks hot look!!

“You Got PAP’ED”

SCORE 9/10

Make sure you guys snap up these bargains.. and if you want tips on how to get the perfect pout click here.

Every woman owns that classic ‘little black dress’… we I absolutely loved this Male twist.. ‘the little black suit’.. Dress it up or prep it up with the top button done up… or casual it down by maybe letting a few buttons loose.. and adding on a hat..

Regardless!! I LOOOOVED THIS LOOK!! and I HAD to stop him in his tracks!!

What was he wearing?

Blazer from Topshop, Shirt from Topshop Unique, Trouser from ASOS, Bag from Barbour, Shoes from Poste, Watch from Storm and rings from Vivienne Westwood…

Why don’t you try to get his look with some of the High street Favourites!!

“You Got PAPP’ED”

SCORE 8/10

I was doing some drop-ofs at New Look when I bumped into these two goooorgeous ladies!

I loved their relaxed by on trend style and again! had to stop them in their tracks!!

What are they wearing?


Top from Cos, Trousers from Topshop, Blazer from Topshop, Bag from Louis Vuitton, Boots from Kurt Geiger, Sunglasses from Ray Ban.


Khaki trench from Superdry, Jumper from H&M, Shorts from Zara, Flats from Lacoste & Sunglasses from H&M.

Why don’t you try to get his look with some of the High street Favourites!!

“You Got PAPP’ED”

SCORE 8/10

Hope you enjoyed!! xxxo

Tell me what you think!!

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