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Babe.. Put Pen To Paper!!

As I sit on my sofa and gulp down the rest of my smoothie, I proudly brush my hand across the page of my new notebook! What is it about…

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I OBJECT! New Year! Same Me! …But Different Rules!

Happy New Year Year After Year… I hear things like “New Year… New ME..”.. But, as much as I pushed for growth I still wasn’t able to reach the goals…

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Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Before I start on my Olivia Pope worthy wine I want to wish you all an amazing day! Whether you are sharing it with family, friends or…

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My Shop Has Landed!!

  My Shop Has arrived!! I am so proud to announce that my shop is up and running! Click Here! You can shop some much-needed inspiration for your home or…

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Are you 25+ and single…? This will empower you! #changedestiny

This documentary literally moved me to tears… I recall around the age of 23, meeting family members and friends at events. Or being invited to weddings (with no “plus 1”…

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I’m Decluttering My Life To Make Room For My Blessings!

Are you ready for your miracle? …. I think I opened one of the best emails I have ever received this year! I subscribed to Baucemag.com to get some more…

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Makes Life Easier