I’m Decluttering My Life To Make Room For My Blessings!

Are you ready for your miracle?

…. I think I opened one of the best emails I have ever received this year! I subscribed to Baucemag.com to get some more #girlboss inspiration and although most of their posts are geared at people in the U.S…. Well, this one hit home!
Apart from being a Fashion Stylist – I am human! I experience all the things a girl experiences while trying to juggle the stress of being Self – Employed!
Family, friendships, broken hearts, health – you name it!
So here is something for you to digest.. I still am!

How cluttered is your space right now?

Like literally at this instant? Do you have weeks old laundry that’s due for a cleaning? Have you unpacked your luggage from your last trip yet? We all get a little reckless about “keeping neat” sometimes and we get it. Clothes gets shrugged off after a long day at work and shoes are tossed on the floor after stumbling in late at 3 AM. But did you know that all that physical clutter might be blocking you from something? That you might not be receiving the blessings you deserve because there’s just too much junk in your life
You see all that drama you have with your “frenemy”, the stress that you’re getting from work, the quips from your parents — they are all weighing you down. And when you’re weighed down, it’s hard to see what’s in front of you or what could be coming. It’s so easy to have your mind ruminate over past hurts and pains that desire to keep you stuck because your mental space is so clouded by it. You’re constantly thinking about “how much you hate your job” instead of sitting down, clearing out a path, and focusing on your game plan to get out of your “mess”. 

Have you ever noticed that when your physical space is messy, your mind feels messy too? That you just can’t think clearly or you start to procrastinate? Your world is reflecting what’s going on inside you — those feelings of being lost, anxious and hopeless start to bubble to the surface. 
We weren’t trying to take you to church today, but we just wanted to remind you that in order to start seeing positive change in your life, you have to get rid of all the stuff that it isn’t serving you RIGHT NOW. Dump that shitty situationship you’re in, put in your two weeks notice, move up out of yo’ mama’s basement. Stop. Staying. Stuck. 
Cleaning is hard to do. We get it. Some of y’all are just messy people (no offense). But get some mental order in place. You won’t believe what kind of magic will start unfolding in your life when you finally shake off all the shit that’s been clinging on to you like a 10-pound brick. 
Prayers up, chica. We hope you’re ready to receive. 

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